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DescriptionKeeps the camera relative to the actor with the specified offset.

Rotation parameters change the position the camera points to in degrees. The cameras tilt can also be changed in degrees.

1 - smooth
2 - cut
Parameters (v2)1) Actor handle (Integer) (INT)
2) X Offset (Float) (FLOAT)
3) Y Offset (Float) (FLOAT)
4) Z Offset (Float) (FLOAT)
5) X Rotation (Float) (FLOAT)
6) Y Rotation (Float) (FLOAT)
7) Z Rotation (Float) (FLOAT)
8) Rotation (Float) (FLOAT)
9) Integer (INT)
CategoryActor, Camera, Common
San Andreas
sascm.ini067C=9,attach_camera_to_char %1d% offset %2d% %3d% %4d% rotation %5d% %6d% %7d% tilt %8d% switchstyle %9d%
Example067C: attach_camera_to_char $PLAYER_ACTOR offset 0.0 2.0 -2.0 rotation 0.0 0.0 0.0 tilt 0.0 switchstyle 2

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